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Mobility Hotspots for Home Safety
The home is our haven, it's where most of us feel most comfortable. If your loved one has been hospitalized for a fall, surgery, or physical injury, or is feeling dizziness or vertigo by medications – moving safely around the home afterwards is a priority concern.]
Why Seniors Fall and How to Prevent It
We naturally lose muscle mass as we age which affects our strength and balance. This makes us more prone to falling, a dangerous thing. Falls are a major cause of hospitalization, and it only takes one fall to change a person's life.]
The Virtues Project
Virtues make up who we are and how we live. We value honesty, integrity, cooperation, respect and compassion, to name a few. But are we becoming less virtuous? The Virtues Project is trying it's best to ensure we're not.]
How Family Caregivers Take Vacations
Making respite time is a mental health need for caregivers responsible for another, especially if their loved one has high needs such as ability or mobility issues, or Alzheimer's or dementia.